House Blindness

A home inspection can be requested at any time during home ownership. Most common misconceptions are that an inspection is for buying and or selling of a home. Not True! We want to help prevent house blindness among our local homeowners. What is house blindness you ask? It’s where current homeowners let the condition ofContinue reading “House Blindness”

11th Month Warranty Inspection

Most new home builders may offer a one to two-year warranty with their homes for home buyers. With new construction, a new home can have as many or if not more than an older home. Redpine Home Inspections strongly recommended to have an inspection before the warranty expires. Examples of issues we find during warrantyContinue reading “11th Month Warranty Inspection”

Currently Own A Home?

Home inspectors are one of the few industries where someone can inspect an entire home as a whole system. Other industries usually only look/repair the current issue not the cause of the issue. A home inspection report can help find issues the homeowner may be unaware of, or in need of repair to help avoidContinue reading “Currently Own A Home?”

Last Day of Spring Cleaning Month

If you followed our steps, you should either have more room where your stuff was or still working on it. What matters is that you started and now you have to finish it. I wanted to talk about the benefits of having less clutter in your home. By following our 3 box rule, you shouldContinue reading “Last Day of Spring Cleaning Month”

Spring Cleaning Month

Continue to follow the three-box rule until you have reached your goal. Several trips may be required to either donate or throw stuff out. If more boxes are needed sometimes grocery stores may have a few boxes to give away, reach out to your addicted Amazon neighbors to see if they have any. One dayContinue reading “Spring Cleaning Month”

Garage Awareness Month

Did you know that most home owners are unaware that their garage and its systems are supposed to be able to slow the spread of a fire if one should occur in the garage? Some examples of the living space shared wall between the home and garage should have the some of the following. WeContinue reading “Garage Awareness Month”