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Crawl Space

It’s important to know if you have one or not. Some homes even have a hybrid crawl space and knowing what a house has can be very beneficial during home ownership. Things a home inspector is looking for when in a crawl space can be a lot. Some main things can include foundation condition, type…

FPE (Federal Pacific Electric) Circuit Breakers

The FPE’s were widely used between 1950 – 1990 and are considered problematic. The Consumer Product Safety Commission conducted an investigation and found the panels did not fully comply with the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc requirements. The investigation was closed in 1983, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported they did not have enough date to consider…

Neighbors House

While inspecting a roof, I sometimes find issues with the neighbors house. Here is a vent on the side of a new-home-build missing a proper cover. Also found on the roof right above that, improperly installed vent boot. It should be bulging up, not sunken in observed in the second picture.

Main Shut Offs

Do you know where your main water shut off valve is located? Most people are unaware and if a water leak or pipe burst would have to relay on a neighbor/friend, a family member and or a plumper. Owning a home comes with responsibility and in an emergency it’s important to know where stuff is…

Winter is Here

It’s that time, time to follow your Home Maintenance Checklist! Refer to the picture provided for ideas & reference. We know not all the things on here will pertain to your specific home, but could help look for & or preparing for the weather conditions.