GAM 03/30/23

Did you know the garage was originally designed to store automobiles inside a home? A garage’s function or original design is to protect a vehicle from precipitation, and protects the vehicle(s) from theft and/or vandalism. You may wonder why this was brought up? Funny Question: who do you know around your neighborhood who actually parksContinue reading “GAM 03/30/23”

Garage Awareness Month

Did you know that most home owners are unaware that their garage and its systems are supposed to be able to slow the spread of a fire if one should occur in the garage? Some examples of the living space shared wall between the home and garage should have the some of the following. WeContinue reading “Garage Awareness Month”

Garage Awareness Month

Did you know that most American residents use their home garage door as their primary entrance into their homes? Did you know that the garage of a home has a lot of features and safety measures that most homeowners are unaware of? We will be talking about garages and garage doors this March. If youContinue reading “Garage Awareness Month”


Wonder what to think when you see one in your report or are just curious why it was in a home inspection report? Answers to your questions: What Are They? When posted in an inspection report means that the inspector was not able to fully inspect the area and or specific unit. Why? Safety ConcernsContinue reading “Limitations”

Swelling Soil

Also known as Expansive Soil can be very troublesome for a lot of Colorado residents. Luckily a lot of Colorado resources are available to be more knowledgeable, about what to look for and solutions if the problem should occur. On average/normal years they cause more damage than earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes combined. Some basicContinue reading “Swelling Soil”

Expansive Soil

It is also called, swelling soil and the names describe what it does very well. It consists of multiple types of clays, the clays/soft bedrock cover vast areas of Colorado. The soil can expand by 20% by volume and push up to 30,000 pounds-per-square foot. What should you do if you think your home isContinue reading “Expansive Soil”

Crawl Space

It’s important to know if you have one or not. Some homes even have a hybrid crawl space and knowing what a house has can be very beneficial during home ownership. Things a home inspector is looking for when in a crawl space can be a lot. Some main things can include foundation condition, typeContinue reading “Crawl Space”