I was raised in Montana and also lived in a few other states in the country. I hope my Montana honesty can be carried over in this industry. I was always looking for something that would allow me to operate a business and also provides a helpful service everyone needs.

Independently owned and operated. I wanted to provide a service where the customer matters and looking out for their interests. With that in mind as one of my core values, I wanted to provide a service where people would be appreciative of my knowledge and also raise the industry standards.

When I arrive to a location, I look out for safety issues, big money items and assess future issues observed. I provide a detailed, easy to understand report that wow agents & clients. We hope to provide our service to a home near you.

Ian Rohrer – Owner

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By: Paul Gallagher

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Ian is exceptional in his thoroughness and reliability, his reports give his clients a very clear picture of the condition of the property they might be considering or selling. Ian tells it like it is, so you know where you stand and what corrections need to be made. Ian helps you feel confident with his results. I recommend Ian for both sides of a real estate transactions. Whether buying or selling, a home inspection from Ian Rohrer brings clarity, confidence, and peace of mind to the table.

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