House Blindness

A home inspection can be requested at any time during home ownership. Most common misconceptions are that an inspection is for buying and or selling of a home. Not True!

We want to help prevent house blindness among our local homeowners. What is house blindness you ask? It’s where current homeowners let the condition of their home deteriorate while living in it and maybe only make minor repairs when something should break. We call it House Blindness and a lot of sellers are surprised by what a home inspector calls out during a home buyer’s inspection.

A house is always aging from time, everyday use, and weather. When homeowners take care of their homes and keep up with the repairs does a home age well. Going with the idea that fixing it later will only make the problem(s) worse or add to the repair list in the future.

How can a home inspection help?

  • We document the homes condition at that moment, like a recorded time capsule
  • An inspection report can be used to reference when talking with contractors and repair professionals
  • Can help prioritize repairs and or avoid potential future ones
  • Helping client(s) understand their home is a system of components that all need to be working together to provide a long and comfortable experience while living in the home
  • We look for potential big ticket item repairs and most importantly safety concerns

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