Spring Cleaning Month

It’s April and time to think about cleaning up the clutter around your home. We always think about how we want to lose the pounds in weight, what about your house?

Reasons why someone may want to go about this endeavor?

  1. Cleaning up clutter can help improve mood – Less clutter can help with sleep, stress, a cluttered mind, and strong feelings of accomplishment.
  2. Clearing up clutter can help someone in need – Donate
  3. Getting to know yourself and your motivations for keeping stuff can help control future collecting. Things to consider: is it sentimental, have I used it in the last 6 months, and or thinking you can sell it?

I am a simple guy and will talk about strategies that have worked for me this month. We will break everything down into sections and at a manageable level.

Where to start?

  • Getting to the source/reason, think about why we have this clutter.
    • Sentimental – Pictures, family heirlooms
    • Used in 6 months? If not used in 6 months, why have it? Is it a must-have or luxury of convenience and or a status symbol?
    • Is it worth something – If you have not sold it by now, it’s probably not worth much or has sentimental value more than it’s worth.
    • Laziness – Thinking future self will take care of it, when current self at that time knew it should do something about it now or the next day… The future self is now ready taking responsibility and hates the past self for putting the future self in this position.

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