Wonder what to think when you see one in your report or are just curious why it was in a home inspection report?

Answers to your questions:

What Are They?

When posted in an inspection report means that the inspector was not able to fully inspect the area and or specific unit.


Safety Concerns – We may either deem the area unsafe, due to multiple factors. Some examples could be training, weather, inspecting item condition, not functioning, and or missing.

Following InterNACHI Standards Of Practice (SOP) – My certification requires I follow guidelines for my protection, insurance purposes, and liability. Link to SOP

What To Do If You See One?

Ask questions if unsure why there was a Limitation in the report. Sometimes, it could just be the inspector can’t see through walls, carpet, and or beyond the scope of the SOP. Sometimes the home inspector could look at something just as a courtesy if the client should ask when present at the inspection.

We Are Doing This For Our Clients:

We want all our clients to be happy and will accommodate their requests the best we can. If we cant, we will refer to an expert to take a look, investigate and or provide a quote.

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