Swelling Soil

Also known as Expansive Soil can be very troublesome for a lot of Colorado residents. Luckily a lot of Colorado resources are available to be more knowledgeable, about what to look for and solutions if the problem should occur. On average/normal years they cause more damage than earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes combined.

Some basic solutions to help protect your house can include making sure your home has positive grading away from your home. Making sure all of the gutter downspouts and diverter trays are several feet long to help keep water moving away from the home. Make sure if you have a sump pump it’s functioning properly.

*This is for educational purposes only and we are not recommending that the reader should or should not hire a structural engineer. The foundation in question may have some of them, none of them, and or all of these things regarding the considerations. It’s important to have a professional help determine the risk and if in need of repair/replacement.

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