Garbage Disposals

Are nice to have in a home, but are not required to be installed. They are a convenience, like a microwave is convent in that it can heat up your food quickly. They also have dangers that most home owners are not aware or have not considered a danger. Some thoughts to consider:

  1. It has sharp metal blades that grind food for easier drainage down the sink/pipes.
    • Keep children away from it without adult supervision.
    • If older children are working around it, an adult should explain the dangers of it’s use. When to use it and not use it.
    • Avoid dropping anything in it that is important. “If it can grind food, it can grind your stuff and even worse your hand.”
      • If do drop something, be very careful and keep everyone away from the switch during the careful recovery of the item. Even better unplug it before retrieval.
  2. Electricity and water don’t mix. Another main danger is from electrical shock.
    • As it ages and or over use can lead to a higher chance of this happening.

*This is for educational purposes and we are not experts. We want home owners to me more knowledgeable of the everyday items in their home. If you have questions, please call us at 720-660-5419

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