Crawl Space

It’s important to know if you have one or not. Some homes even have a hybrid crawl space and knowing what a house has can be very beneficial during home ownership. Things a home inspector is looking for when in a crawl space can be a lot. Some main things can include foundation condition, type of floor, HVAC equipment, lighting, supports, and insulation.

Crawl Space Pros:

  • Cheaper to build
  • Can have the ugly HVAC or Hot Water Heater out of sight
  • Plumbing and electrical cal also be out of site in the crawl space
  • If unheated, cheaper utility costs

Crawl Space Cons:

  • Missing additional living space
  • HVAC and Hot Water heater are harder for maintenance workers to service
  • Its dirty under the house
  • If a hoarder can hide your addiction from family & friends

If unsure what you have, please give us a call and we would be happy to help. Having a local home inspector take a look can help you become a more informed home owner.

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